PERFECTIONISM is blocking 90 million Americans from attaining their goals and true happiness…are you one of them?

Stop beating yourself up.

Do you hear an inner voice that says you’re never quite good enough? That’s your INNER CRITIC, but it’s important to listen: don’t banish it, manage it! Take my 10-day course Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion that offers proven techniques and practices to help you strive for excellence without the stress!

Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion

Good news…perfectionism doesn't need to hold you back. Find out why.

This 10-day journey helps you reshape your relationship with perfectionism by asking: What’s the difference between perfectionism and striving for excellence? How much fear and anxiety is rooted in believing that you are never doing enough or not worthy enough? Each lesson explores a skill that can support you in understanding the inner critical voice, why it’s there and how to care for it. Together, we will set the compass on a course of self-compassion—and what you will discover along the way may just surprise you.
Join the thousands of people who have taken the “Overcome Perfectionism Through Self Compassion” 10 day course.

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Tara Cousineau, PhD, introduces 
Overcome Perfectionism Through Self- Compassion

“Don’t ignore your ‘inner critic’…learn from it, and discover the benefits of

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TARA COUSINEAU, PHD is a clinical psychologist and meditation teacher. She’s the author of “The Kindness Cure: How the Science of Compassion Can Heal Your Heart and Your World” and multiple successful online courses.

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Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion

Here are the 10 Lessons That Can Change the INNER CRITIC…and Improve Your Life.
In Lesson 1 we begin to understand our tricky brains and how our emotion motivation systems can cause inner conflicts—and how it’s not our fault. The human design is full of paradoxes! With the help of color coding our emotional responses, we can begin to observe why and when healthy striving might morph into unhealthy patterns, like perfectionism and self-criticism, and start to have more patience and understanding.
In Lesson 2, we begin to cultivate emotional courage and turn toward what is difficult with compassion. The term “kindsight” is introduced with an invitation to take a peek at what you beat yourself up about. Through a reflection exercise you will undercover an inner critical voice, which is key in understanding how to have a different relationship with perfectionism.
In Lesson 3, we begin to cultivate a kind, wise and strong inner voice as an antidote to the harsher, self-critical voice. With insights from neuroscience, we begin to understand the negativity bias and how attention gets naturally hijacked by stressful experiences and threats, even those we imagine in our own minds.
In Lesson 4, we take a good look at the continuum of perfectionism, from healthy striving to unhealthy achievement. Tips from positive psychology offer a refreshing lense on how we can progress toward life goals (or not) and the mindset shift we need to make to living a rewarding and meaningful life. This activity invites you to create power statements to begin to shift your inner narratives when challenges arise.
In Lesson 5, we uncover the inherent strength in cultivating inner compassion. We also look at our resistance to it through the practice of “kindfulness.” Self-compassion can sound too soft for some. Yet the truth is that self-compassion is a powerful inner resource.
In Lesson 6 we reveal how perfectionistic tendencies can create tension or pain in your body. You may even have hang-ups about your physical appearance. Plus, your speedy mind is constantly assessing and evaluating your place in the world outside, and it’s easy to ignore the emotions or sensations on the inside—until the body speaks up. Lesson 6 offers a visualization in finding relief and acceptance through kind attention to your body.
Lesson 7 addresses the question of “How do you grow inner strengths?” Cultivating self-compassion and other inner resources allows us to take in the goodness in life and recognize the goodness in ourselves. But often there is resistance or we forget the pleasant moments. Today’s positive neuroplasticity practice helps you notice what’s beneficial in your life and thereby neutralize the negativity bias.
Lesson 8 explores the notion of kindsight, which arises when you experience moments that change how you look at the world, how you see the past, and how you imagine the future from an attitude of resilience. In this way, journaling gives structure and meaning to life’s experiences. Writing can also have positive effects on overall wellbeing. The activity involves writing a special type of letter and it may just surprise you when you read it.
Lesson 9 reveals how a compassion-oriented approach allows you to see the difference between compassionate self-improvement and fear-based self-criticism. By seeing your life as a journey and creating a mental map, you have a choice about which roads you can travel to pursue your dreams, desires and goals. Core values are the keys to your map and help you stay the course.
This final lesson offers a compassionate visualization helping you to integrate the teaching in this course, savor your progress, open your heart, and immerse yourself in loving awareness. Let your inner wise voice offer words of encouragement and care as you continue to practice self-compassion in your daily life, which will serve as an antidote to moments of self-judgment.

Start now and learn skills based on mindfulness, compassion and positive psychology to manage—rather than banish—the critical inner voice. That part of you arose to help you at one time and may be harming you now by holding you back. Research reveals that perfectionists take longer to meet their goals, are more stressed, and don’t perform any better than non-perfectionists . Learn why it’s important to befriend your inner critic, practice self-compassion and transform unhealthy perfectionism into greater wellbeing.

What people are saying:

I was a perfectionist and it made me miserable.

If you’re a perfectionist, the first thing to understand is that you’re not alone.

I’m a recovering perfectionist myself! I went to school, got a PhD, took master classes, wrote a book…yet I had fear and anxiety rooted in believing that I was never doing enough or not worthy enough. There was always something that could always be better. While I didn’t think I was a perfectionist—I can be pretty chill and relaxed—I was really hard on myself. I fell into a compare and despair trap. I realized I was constantly berating myself. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with having high standards. But there is something wrong when you end up hiding your true self which causes a lot of unnecessary suffering. That’s the problem with perfectionism! So I decided to do something about it.

Let’s shine the light on your true self and not worry about what others think or have to produce something flawless.

The course is named Overcome Perfectionism Through Self-Compassion. It’s a program to help manage the inner critic rather than banish it. I’ve collected evidence-based tools and approaches to help you retrain your brain to see the positive, calm your nervous system for greater wellbeing, and transform the fear and anxiety that drive perfectionism into greater acceptance and self-kindness. It worked for me and it will work for you!

Tara Cousineau PhD

“This course was a ray of light in my dark tunnel. My perfectionism had blinded me from seeing the sun on the other side of the clouds. I now have a glimpse at hope.” 



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